You can never have too many overalls, right? If you disagree, this is probably not the blog for you.

I was drawn to the Yanta Overalls as soon as I saw them. I've slowly been incorporating more linen into my wardrobe, and this was a pattern that looked perfect for that. I ADORE my black stretch denim overalls, but they're not the same as a soft, more loosely structured overall. It was hard to keep this one at the bottom of the queue, especially when I saw this taupe linen at Blackbird Fabrics.

It's literally the most boring color on the face of the earth...but that's what makes it special! I'm pretty sure I can wear this color with anything, which was the point (so obviously I paired it with a grey t-shirt!). This fabric was an absolute dream to sew, and it's even better to wear. I've dealt with scratchy linen, stiff linen, linen blends with more weight and... [read more]