This year for Me Made May, I didn’t pledge publicly before like I usually do. Part of that was due to surgery recovery and not being on top of things before or even 100% sure I would do any documentation or keep up my pledge. But I knew I would do sketches at least. My Body Model started the #sketchmystyle challenge for May. I did come up with the following challenge for myself:

  • Wear “me mades”
  • Sketch “me mades”
  • Try not to repeat
  • Follow themes: Dresses, skirts, comfy, rainbow

And if I didn’t achieve it or achieved it in part, that’s okay since surgery recovery hasn’t been as smooth as I had hoped.

I made 31 sketches of 31 outfits. I got 29 pictures of said outfits. Except for 2 outfits, they were all according to the themes for each week. I didn’t care to document how many “me mades” I wore but just that I wore them. I usually have three or more pieces on,... [read more]