I’m a sucker for new and flashy patterns. I have the longest list of items I want to sew, but the moment something new comes along I ignore that list and buy the new pattern! In this case, it wasn’t just a new pattern but a new indie pattern company – Sew and Tell Patterns. She came onto the scene with 6 patterns, fabric and a gorgeous website. I was hooked, I bought 2 patterns right away and here is one of them: Madcap Jacket. I also bought the Inspades Dress.

This jacket caught my eye because of the details. It reminds me of a Ringmaster in a circus. I adore fitted clothing that has a costume-look. That being said, this isn’t wildly out there but it’s just a enough to set it apart. It’s modern an contemporary. The back has ruffles over the bum, there are striped details above that and the front has a scarf look that... [read more]