New word: sweatershirt. Not a sweatshirt, per se, but a top that looks like a tarted up sweatshirt made with sweater knits.

Frivoloust at Last - Simplicity 0315 Sweatshirt and Friday Pattern Company Joan Trousers

I’m rather pleased with this one because:

  1. I got the pattern, Simplicity 0315, from a pattern swap (=free!)
  2. I used up a small amount of awkwardly-shaped leftover black sweater knit (only a few tiny scraps leftover!)
  3. I used a ready-to-wear sweater for the front panel (I liked the graphic print but not the shape of the existing sweater, and I’m feeling clever for having recycled into something more wearable!)
  4. I’ve been dying to add some sporty pre-made cuffing to a baggy top (so I did!)

Frivoloust at Last - Simplicity 0315 Sweatshirt

I had to do some Franken-piecing of black fabric to be able to get all of the pattern pieces out of what I had leftover. If you squint at the picture above, you might see the horizontal seam in the black side panel on the left. I also have a horizontal... [read more]