Hi, Sewcialists!

I’m back and by jove, I hope you have lots of tea! Now would be a good time to get some… I spent my break thinking about time-savers, but of course they need some explanation 🙂

Are there corrections that you make time after time after time, when fitting your makes? For example, do you always have to adjust a shoulder slope, or do a full bust adjustment?

If you answered yes, it sounds like you may be ready to create your own set of blocks.

First: Pick a pattern that you’ve already adjusted successfully and that you’re super happy with. Great armhole? Great! Perfect neckline? Perfect. Your go-to tried-and-true? *Boom* That’s the one you want.

Sloper versus Block

Second: Trace it onto oak tag*, mark it, notch it, punch it, and hang it. That’s your new block! (Examples: Gabby’s “Insert Pattern Name... [read more]