Thanks to a bump of organization – or creative micro-management! – I don’t have an uncut fabric stash. I buy yardage for a specific project, enter it in my spreadsheet, and sew that project within a month or two. Scraps are divided into two boxes – one for garments (pockets, facings, etc.) and one for quilting (a.k.a. a box of self-delusions). Until I saw the Lady McElroy Tropical Stems cotton lawn and lost my dang mind.

Light pink fabric with a large-scale red and green floral motifAuthor of post against a brick wall with light pink fabric with a large-scale red and green floral motif draped over her body

I went mad with love! And can you blame me? I’ve been the proud owner of 2 meters of this gorgeousness since summer 2017.

And I’ve run screaming in the opposite direction every time I thought about cutting it.

Some background: I started sewing in 2011. I’m a children’s illustrator, and that was definitely reflected in my shopping habits – at least 4 different early purchases featured prints of vegetables. This might be a familiar story to... [read more]