The one who's searchin', searchin', to destroy...

Mr Pop got there first but it was my Mum that was an enabler for today's post I can't believe that I started writing a WHOLE YEAR ago (and only 4 months to edit the pics too)! It's been a bit mad - new job, retraining (that almost broke me) yay!, moving back to Scotland, loads of travelling - but I am now at a point where things are calming down so hopefully will be blogging a bit more. Still not unpacked though.

I had long been searchin' for a denim jacket to put some patches on. However, although I have a couple they were handy just to fling on so I never got round to doing anything with them. 

Cue Mum finding me a pretty basic indigo denim jacket in a charity shop, still with the tags on, for a mere £3. It was quite a boxy shape and non-stretch, so made me look a bit "mumsy". What's a... [read more]