Striped linen shirt inspiration

I’ve had this project on my wishlist for a while now.  You may have noticed a drawing on this shirt in my “Now Sewing” section of the side bar for some time (since December at least).  Sometimes you can’t rush a project, but with the cooler weather approaching, I finally got around to making it.

The design was from an image I’d seen while snoop shopping.  It is a loose fitting shirt with a collar and partial button placket.  No darts.  Front and back yokes which extend into sleeves with cuffs.  Looks quite simple and I thought it would work well with the striped linen that I bought last summer.

Sleeve draft

If you have been following my blog, you’ll know that I’d made a bodice sloper recently, so my plan was to draft the top from the sloper.  Converting the sloper to being dartless was fairly easy.  The placket and collar was adapted... [read more]