Pants Week 1

Welcome to pants week! Where I wear a lot of Closet Case Patterns and realise what I’ve outgrown…


1: Ginger Jeans, swingy tank, and 3’s A Charm jacket. I have to cut the pocket stay out of these jeans to give myself some room, but really, there’s a reason I’ve stopped wearing all my me-made jeans. I’ve gained one inch too many, and they aren’t that comfy any more. Also, RTW jeans offer stretchier fabric and a snugger fit than I can get with Cone Mills or a stiff denim, so… yeah. I won’t be rushing to sew another pair any time soon.


2: Closet Case Pattern Jenny pants and Workhorse Pattern Ione top. My new favourite outfit! I’d been looking forward to wearing this one, and it didn’t disappoint.


3: Closet Case Pattern Ebony sweater and Sasha pants. With totally blurry photos and yeah whatever, who cares!


5: Modified Suki kimono, a new Hey... [read more]