photographic evidence that I do sometimes wear pants!
I've met one of my goals for MeMadeMay this year -- to finish up at least one of my UFOs! I've had this project cut and waiting since January. I paired this thrifted Stretch & Sew pattern with a piece of thrifted poly fabric when I was going through my stash in early January, cut it out, and there it stayed. But this week I got busy sewing and this only took a night to sew up. 

I made View B, the straight top in the middle. View A is a blouson top with a ribbed band at the bottom and View C is the dress. I like the fit and think I might try the dress view next! 

The most interesting part of this pattern is the shoulder yoke element. You could really play with this to add interest to the top. In this case, I thought that changing the direction of the stripes would be a perfect use for this... [read more]