A Beginner's Guide to Making Skirts / Wendy Ward
London: Cico Books, c2016
160 p.

Here is the second book by Wendy Ward that I was able to get from my public library. I liked it even better than the first book!

Perhaps that's because I'm in the mood to make a bunch of skirts as a basic staple of my wardrobe -- my three favourite black skirts are wearing out and it's time to sew up a few more that I will wear a lot. This book has lots of options to work with.

There are lots of reviews and blog posts about every single one of the designs on Wendy Ward's website if you want more in-depth info on each. There are 8 basic designs, and just like in her first book she shares options to change, customize, and personalize each design, meaning there are a lot more than 8 basic skirts here.

There are pattern sheets in the back, again, to trace off (and yes, the... [read more]