For my most recent dress for the Fabricville Bloggers Project, I chose this very sweet McCalls 7834, a Laura Ashley design. I had my eye on View B (the blue one in the middle) as the most likely to suit me.

I had also seen this amazing fabric in the Fabricville online store -- it's purple, it is polka dotted, and there is text in those dots! It's everything I love! Plus it's a nice weight of quilting cotton, with a tiny bit of stretch to it; I really like using quilting cotton for clothing, despite any snobbishness in the garment sewing world... you just have to select the right pattern for it.

In any case, I received these two things and got right to work. I was sidelined for a bit by my bout of flu the week before last, but finished it this week and just had to wear it immediately, despite the chilly & very windy weather ;)

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