So much has happened that I should probably just write a mid-week report. I was talking to Greg about my explanation of why we moved, and he remarked that it was “a little long for the internet,” which launched me onto my soapbox (lol) about what the internet is doing to our brains, and how no one can stand to read long-form anything anymore. Yet, he made a good point. In general, people like to read shorter blog posts. I guess that means I’ll be posting more of them? If stuff keeps going this well, that is….

So first of all, THIS HAPPENED:

To put this in perspective, a normal day in Seattle, for the last 18 months that I was tracking, was about 1800-2200 steps (and that’s with a lot of pain). I did this beautiful 5k+ yesterday, on Monday. It’s significant because I wasn’t trying and I wasn’t traveling (i.e. having an unusually active day that forced... [read more]