SWAP garment #4:  Style Arc Victoria Blouse, in a teal viscose twill.

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This was an EPIC job of cutting, as the pieces would not fit on the folded fabric, and I had to mess about for ages to fussy cut it out of what I had- there’s only one piece you could get away with cutting from a lining fabric [inside back yoke] as the front facings are folded, as are the cuffs.  I got there in the end after the usual quantity of swearing.

Now, as we know, Style Arc instructions have improved, but are still minimal, and I knew that those points and v-shapes were going to be tricksy.  I originally planned to fold under the seam allowances and overlay them, but it’s too fiddly for that as you have both convex and concave turns, so I just pinned  a lot, sewed slowly [thank you speed control on the new Pfaff] and didn’t do too badly.  Good job I’m not  a perfectionist... [read more]