Maybe, like me, you’ve always lusted after a certain indie darling wrap dress, but were put off by the fact that you would have to grade it up multiple sizes to fit your body? And maybe you were also deterred by the fact that it is designed for wovens and for knits and wondered how it could possibly fit well through the shoulders and armholes in both fabrics? Well, I have got a tutorial for you!!


This isn’t a direct copy of the design, but rather a wrap dress hack that is inspired by that design that I have made specifically for knits. If you want to try a woven, you are on your own ;).  If you don’t want to go to the trouble of hacking a pattern, you can get a very similar look from both the Cashmerette Pembroke and the Seamwork Lane dresses, but neither have the “wings” the Kielo has, they both just have ties that attach at the side seams. So if you want the... [read more]