I started feeling better after going to the doctor and getting some medication for this crud.  Unfortunately, my husband has it now so we are coughing and coughing together.

I printed and taped my next Ellie and Mac pattern, the Discoverer Tee. Now that I am more familiar with this pattern line my pin fitting adjustments were a lot easier to make. (For full disclosure, I am an affiliate and should you purchase this pattern from my site, I could earn a commission.)

Still working with fabric from my stash I pulled three fabrics.  The green and print fabric were purchases made from EOS a few years ago.  The green is left over from a tee shirt I made.  The other fabric was purchased and I got the remaining fabric that was left on the bolt from EOS.  The cream color one is from Fabric Mart and it too is left over from two projects.

So fitting adjustments to... [read more]