Driving here is awesome

The funniest thing is how easy it is to get places! We keep leaving too early because we can’t believe the map app on our phones when it says it will take 7-10 minutes to get across town. The other day I had a doctor’s appointment at 11am. I took a shower at 10:15, which, had we been in Seattle, would have been way too late – and in Ballard my doctor wasn’t even half a mile away. But just getting through neighborhood traffic, finding parking and then walking to the clinic took at least half an hour door to door.

Here in Eugene, we left at 10:45 to get across town, I was sure we’d be late. The clinic was 3 miles away from our apartment! We got there 5 minutes early. Greg and I cracked up as we sat in the parking lot.

“How is this possible?” I said. “Look at the map! Look how far away we are from home!”

He laughed. “Our sense of scale is all... [read more]