The fabric samples for the MOB dress just arrived, and I don’t think I’m any closer to making my choice than before!  ‘Shades of blue in silk chiffon’…and there we halt.

I ordered 6 samples, which were over-priced enough to discourage me from wasting more cash on them.  The dress is made in multiple layers with handkerchief hems, and nice wafty points on hem and sleeves alike.

It takes a MONSTROUS amount of yardage [around ELEVEN METRES] if I follow the instructions as they stand, as it three complete dresses layered.  Even in silk chiffon, NOPE.  I want to adapt it to a silk slip dress, with the bottom layers attached just to that, then a full overdress.  This should also make the whole kerboodle [slightly] re-wearable afterwards.

So, maths head on, 6 samples, out of which I select 2, uses this formula to calculate how many ways you can choose ‘r’ things out of... [read more]