I genuinely hate driving in traffic, and any excuse for public transit I will seize upon.
So I took the bus to the train to the bus to SewExpo.

You have to click on this to see the action 

I stalked Bernina presser feet.

I visited the booth where I bought my hat's fabric

I took two classes.

Peggy Sayers of Silhouette Patterns didn't have a booth this year, she was just here to give a couple of presentations. Her presentation on sleeves hewed to the "if you have a blouse that fits you, that's the sleeve/armhole you want to use". Her key measurement is the arm circumference of your favorite blouse/top. 
 Let's give Peggy the chance to tell you herself. This is essentially the lecture she gave. It's a great idea, and saves you a lot of redrafting and messing around.
These machine knit blankets are about ten feet high.

The loveliest bias hem on a Kalle... [read more]