Melissa from A Happy Stitch
Who We Are: Left-Handed Sewist

We have all heard it said, “Lefties are so creative!”  We have also seen the images in the self-help aisle, a picture of a brain with color and paint exploding from the right side (the side in control for the left-handed) while the left side of the brain sits gray and dull.  In my eight years of teaching sewing, I personally haven’t found a proportionally higher rate of creativity among my left-handed tribe and suspect these proclamations are little more than an attempt to make up for the years when being left-handed was Exhibit A for ‘most probably a witch’.  Yet, given the reputation for creativity among the left-handed you would think the wildly creative world of sewing would be filled with leftie-friendly tools.  Alas, it is not.  I was painfully reminded of this recently when I splurged and bought a fancy new... [read more]