You might have heard the concept of sewing “frosting” making its way around the maker community lately. Essentially, frosting are those makes that are maybe a little more fun, frivolous, extravagant, or fanciful. They might not have a place in our everyday wardrobes, but they bring joy to make, handle, and wear.

  • Shannon, a fat, White person, standing in the woods wearing a pale pink wrap dress and a flower crown. The tone of the image is warm and summery.
  • Shannon standing outdoors in blowing snow, wearing a knee-length dark green dress with buttons down the front. The wind blows the skirt of the dress around and snow dots the image.
  • Shannon standing in knee-length water in front of greenery, wearing a sheer dress embroidered with flowers over a black bodysuit. Shannon wears a flower crown, sparkly blue eyeshadow, and looks down and to one side.

Sewing frosting is one of my favorite parts of making. I love using fabrics that feel slightly extravagant, creating sweeping silhouettes, and, perhaps most of all, planning out fun locations to photograph them. I’ve hand-dyed yards of rayon lawn to create a delicate pink ombre dress; have added bishop’s sleeves to a green wool crepe dress and photographed it in a snowstorm, and have taken a dip in an embroidered mesh dress to channel the style of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

However, missing amidst these frothy dresses was some menswear frosting,... [read more]