What is she on about?  You ask.  Well, I vaguely remember this being  a favourite phrase back when I was in 6th form, I think it came from some torrid bodice-ripper someone was reading, and the ‘paroxysms of purple passion’  that were described.  We decided that to be on the safe side, we should all get some purple passion pants, so as not to be found wanting.  Or something. [y’know, all girls school, we were obsessed…]

So, when I decided to make some Greenstyle ‘Chelsea’ trousers, and opted for my purple ponte, the combination of trousers [NOT pants], purple, and 70s styling, took me right back.

So, purple passion pants!

Now I started this post back at the beginning of December, when I cut out loads of goodies, and then just kept pushing them back down the pile.  I made up a pair of these for the missus [back when I also made her the... [read more]