Spoiler: I flipping love this coat, and there are loads of photos!!  

Turns out I have a lot to say about it, so I'm going to give each bit heading.


The inspiration for this was really random!  One day, at the end of last April, I saw a bit of a UK antiques TV programme called Flog It.  People bring along old stuff they don't want anymore, and it gets valued and then sold at auction.  

Well, a lady brought along this absolutely amazing Biba Maxi Coat that she'd bought in the Biba shop back in the 1960s.  Here's a thing from the V+A website about the history of Biba; I know the Biba styles aren't for everybody, but I love them.  The coat sold at auction for £70, which I thought was frankly criminal - it should have sold for way more!  But then I just couldn't get it out of my head.  


A bit of googling found the above photo on Pinterest, and... [read more]