Interlude, playground reaction to the [fabulous dahlink] cashmere coat and hat ensemble

Week 1, kids:

  • stares
  • giggles
  • ‘miss your coat is red’ [my response: ‘really Sherlock?’]
  • ‘miss you look like Red Riding Hood’
  • ‘miss you look like a clown’
  • ‘miss I like your coat *sniggers*’
  • ‘why are you wearing that?’
  • ‘what are you dressed up as?’


  • OMG fab coat
  • I love it

[etc, daily basis]

Week 2, kids:

  • stares, smiles
  • ‘Miss, you look like that actress, Mary Poppins’
  • ‘Miss I love your coat and hat’
  • ‘Miss did you really make that?’
  • ‘Miss, where did you buy your coat?’
  • ‘Miss, will you sell me the hat for £100?’
  • ‘Miss, when are you starting your sewing club?’

Kids.  Innit.

Meanwhile, the coat kept me absolutely draught, snow, rain, and wind free, withstood all that standing between two buildings at break can throw at it, flapped dramatically as I... [read more]