It’s 2004… it’s my first year at university. After a triumphant run of hipster, bootcut jeans, a new kid comes to town to fuck it all up… Skinny Jeans.
I go to every ‘high end boutique’ in town…New Look, River Island, Dorthy Perkins and finally my own personal temple, Topshop to find a pair that I could wear to the indie disco. They were so alien at the time, but I eventually relented and have spent the majority of the last 15 years in skinny jeans. My thighs and butt packed in and ankles exposed to the world.

However, over time the few pairs of wide leg trousers I do have are getting more and more wear and thought that’d I’d sew up some more to flip my usual silhouette and give my butt and thighs a little breathing room.
I chose the Trend Patterns TCP6 pleat trousers. This is the third pattern I’ve sewn from them and I chose... [read more]