I used to have a FinnZo Friday Feature, which was me posting a photo every Friday of one or both of our two dogs. But then the blog was migrated and the links were coded wrong and my head exploded, so I decided I’d start a new Friday Feature. Instead of just the doggos, I’ll make it all my favorite photos from the past. There are so many! My Smugmug and Flickr archives are bursting. It’d be fun to revisit old memories.

The little rucksack that started it all

This is me when I was…..younger than I am now. I’m thinking 8 or so? And that yellow backpack, that thin little yellow rucksack, is what started me down the road to becoming a total bag fiend. I love this picture because it’s an origin story. My grandma Bev gave me that backpack for Christmas, and it was filled with coloring books and crayons (which I’m using in the photo), and undoubtedly some Three Musketeers... [read more]