Today’s Who We Are is about how we make time for sewing! We all have busy lives in different ways and it can often feel like everyone else has so much more time for sewing and is so much more “productive” than we are. But really… we all know it’s almost never actually like that.

We have heard in previous Who We Are posts that for many of us sewing is about fun, or escape, or healing, or creativity. It is our refuge and self-expression. It is pure magic.

So how do we find the time? Today’s post explores how some of us make the space to sew.

Picture of Lucy smiling at the camera, from the shoulders up.


I started sewing three years ago when I gave up my career to look after my children. It’s funny that back then, sewing was a way to fill some of my time with something just for me, something that used my brain again and something that gave me a focus and sense of control. I went from a... [read more]