Can you believe that my first knit took me almost a year to complete and this one took less than a month? Yes, I've discovered the power of super chunky yarn! No it doesn't make me a better knitter, but it does make me faster, and seeing my knitting grow at speed gives me even more motivation to see it through to completion (plus I'm learning lots of new techniques on the way)! Here's the Fibre Mood Tara - my second knitted jumper and the second make of my #2019makenine.
Finished Fibre Mood Tara jumper!
Fibre Mood are a fairly new-to-me pattern company that offer both sewing and knitting patterns via their website and their aesthetically impressive and cooly styled pattern books. You can access some of the patterns for free online in return for signing up to the Fibre Mood website - the Tara Ribbed Jumper being one of them - buy individual patterns as... [read more]