Hello! Emilia of @shopkintsuki here. This theme month, Menswear for Everyone, has me really inspired. As a lover of the shirt-and-tailored-pants combo, I simply had to share two recent makes with you.

Rear view of Emilia wearing crisp tailored trousers, a loose shirt, and high-heeled silver boots, overlooking a waterway

I mostly prefer menswear or at least menswear-inspired garments for several reasons. Generally, menswear is much better made and more functionally designed, as there is the idea that men do not like to shop so they buy things to last (thank you society for telling us women we have to shop to feel fulfilled!). I refuse to abide to such patriarchal rules, and over the years have modified many garments intended for men to fit me.

I really want to stress the idea that in my opinion fashion, and sewing in particular, gives us the opportunity to take control of our choices in order to express our true selves. With minor modifications, anyone can wear... [read more]