I'm participating in Pattern Review's Sewing Bee this year, despite my reservations about contests. I happily passed the first round with my Korali Cardigan, and now have just learned that I've also passed through the second round with this Zipper Illusion Dress.

The challenge in this round was to create something which used zippers as a central feature. It had to contain at least one functioning zipper and show some creative use of the zip as a feature. 

After looking through the zippers I already owned and checking out local thrift stores and my Fabricland I came to the conclusion that I just had to use what I had as best I could. So this is what I came up with: I was inspired by the idea of how zips can both conceal and reveal, and by some online images of zipper tattoos which look like they're unzipping skin -- though that is kind of gory and... [read more]