I’ve had the idea of using the Yoga Bottoms from my “Sew Your Own Activewear” book for non-activewear use for some time, but that they can stretch to party wear surprised even me! I included these in my Fall Sewing Plans and even though I’m posting in February, I actually finished them in plenty of time to wear to my office’s Christmas party last year.

I used this charcoal grey stretch pleather from Girl Charlee, which is totally perfect. Be aware that most of the “vegan leather” listed there are NOT stretch so won’t work for this, though! It’s got a generous amount of stretch in both directions (essential for this design!), has a black jersey backing and the pleather coating is nicely solid and stretches with the fabric instead of cracking under stress. I got in touch with Girl Charlee and they confirmed that it’s machine washable, too (cold... [read more]