Actually, I wore the top yesterday and it passed the wearability test.  It seemed to get looser the more I wore it which is okay but I added some width to this version and perhaps I may need to take up the side seams a little.

I was running around a lot yesterday so I did not take time to set up the tripod and pose well for the photos that follow.  I just stood in front of a mirror.

The front view.  There is a lot of fabric from the waist down and I see some puckers.  Some are due to the band attachment.  The center front piece has lots of layers. The pockets are attached to the center front at the waist. The front side pieces are attached the upper center front and the pockets are flipped over and are attached to the front side pieces at the side seams.  Those side front pieces have a center portion that becomes a double layer of fabric in the center from the waist... [read more]