Hey, can't say I didn't warn you with the title! May I present to you, my Ginger Jeans.

Pssst...TDLR: a video review is saved in my permanent stories on Instagram.

It kind of feels like making a pair of Gingers is some sort of entrance exam that puts you in a special sewing club. It's definitely one of those patterns that "everybody" makes, which leads to more people making it, which leads to (apparent) marketplace dominance. But might I suggest, that popular does not equal best? Just a thought.

Long time readers know that I have a complicated history with Closet Case Patterns. I had a difficult time with the Bombshell Swimsuit but loved the result. I had an even worse time with the Kelly Anorak and swore off CCP. Then I spontaneously bought and made the Morgan Jeans and had problems with those. And now here I am with Ginger and plans for another... [read more]