Hi Lovelies!  I’m like a bloody bus this week.  No posts for ages, then 3 in quick succession! For the 5th year in a row I’m  organising a meet up (or 2) in Dewsbury for those of you who live far and wide and enjoy some proper Yorkshire Fabric Shopping!   If you’re thinking about coming, no distance is too far. In 2017  Chris came all the way from Germany (her flights were cheaper than Anne’s train fare from Newcastle!!), and last year Sheila spent over 5 hours stood up on a train all the way from South Somerset!  In 2016 Manju came all the way from Carlisle.  In 2015 Corrine came 90 miles from Scarborough, not knowing a soul and not knowing what she was letting herself in for as it was the first Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up. About the meet ups …. They’re very informal, very friendly and very expensive! Only kidding about the expensive bit!  That’s all... [read more]