One of the posts I liked best in a previous theme month was a history post (it was Anya’s stripes post!). I wanted to do a similar post for menswear but it has felt difficult for a couple of reasons:

  1. Menswear is not a very inclusive label for a particular style of garment and it’s a super broad domain!
  2. History is very often dominated by the rich and successful, so it’s always very hard to establish whether the records that survive bear any relation to the real everyday wear of people at the time.

These two elements dogged me in trying to put together this post. I have tried to be aware of those factors and to pick out pieces of the history of “menswear” that speak to a less rigid past (or that I just found interesting), though it’s by no means comprehensive nor is it intended to be. I hope that works for people!

Deep History

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