This is always the easiest of the categories for me to write – I mean, I love most of the clothes I make, but when I think back, there are always some favourites! 

In no particular order: 

My angles dress! This was a RTW knock off, mashing up two TNT patterns, and I love it. If I had to sum up my dream aesthetic for 2018, this would be it: fun, professional, and just a bit weird! 

This dress fill the opposite role in my wardrobe: pretty, flattering, and doesn’t demand any attention. I’ve worn it a lot! 

Because everyone needs to shake it up from time to time, I’m including my Closet Case Patterns Fiona in my Top 5! It’s not as worn as the other dresses, but it makes me feel great and I’m proud that I made a fitted woven dress with all those buttons! 

I should chose at least one thing that isn’t a dress, right? I made a few Tessuti... [read more]