Last year I was’t in a good place. The blog was growing. YouTube videos were coming out (relatively) frequently. Things were moving and shaking— and in the blogging world, momentum is everything.

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But in the middle of June, after creating some of my most popular content and working on amazing collaborations, it all fell apart.

Anxiety over job security, home/life balance, and life in general came over my head like a wave. Over the course of six months I gained nearly twenty pounds, retreated into a depressed state, and there would be weeks at a time when I wouldn’t leave my house in agoraphobia.

I dissolved from a vibrant excited person, to a girl who would cry during her lunch breaks. I’d binge eat at lunch, then proceed to starve myself the rest of the day.

Typing my sewing website url was painful. Launching the Instagram app to see the compounding effects of my absence made... [read more]