I have got such a backlog of finished makes to show you! The problem with working an office job in amoungst spending every weekend at the boatyard AND trying to push out a new pattern (which is 95% done now, I swear!), is that what precious little time I’ve got left goes into sewing instead of actually taking photos of said makes. So I hope you’ll forgive the quality of these photos and instead applaud our creativity in taking them at all!

If you recall, one of the four makes in my Fall/Winter plans was a Longshaw Skirt from Wendy Ward’s book “A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing with Knitted Fabrics”. And I actually made this back in September using a luscious soy/cotton mix jersey I’d bought in Denver at Fancy Tiger Crafts in May. I only bought 2 yards of it but because I’m the fabric tetris master, I managed to squeeze this skirt AND a basic teeshirt (the Loose... [read more]