Here is part two of what will be a three (probably) part series on this pair of jeans! In part one, I mentioned that I wanted to make a pair of raw selvedge denim for myself and that I was thiiinking about using the Megan Nielsen Ash. I sent her a message asking about straightening out the out side leg seam and sizing up for a less-stretchy fabric and she let me in on a little secret: she was going to be releasing a non-stretch jeans pattern! My plans immediately changed, obviously, and when she offered to send me a copy of the pattern to review I was so thrilled!

The Dawn pattern from Megan Nielsen is "a classic high waisted rigid jean set" that includes tapered, straight, and wide leg views as well as a shorts version. It also has a button fly, which is perfect for raw denim that might shrink and warp your zipper (although I went for regular... [read more]