This August, I finished knitting the Shale Baby blanket!

This means I’ve met my personal goal of knitting three baby blankets for 2018 a few months early.

The shale blanket is 100% wool, just like the two other blankets I’ve knit this year.

It’s also heavy and it’s incredibly soft.

To be honest, I knew that I most likely would be making another blanket. Why not stick with an even number for the blankets, right? And so, a little over a month after completing my lace blanket I started knitting this simple checkered blanket. This blanket is for my daughter. I asked if she’d like a blanket, she told me she really didn’t need one, but I knew she wanted one. She doesn’t ask me to knit her anything, but she loves and uses whatever I make for her. The reason she doesn’t ask is that she knows the amount of time it takes to create some of my knitted items and she feels... [read more]