This is my final item for my 2018 Make Nine challenge (hooray!!), and, boy, was it an epic!

I had grand plans for taking loads of progress photos, but it was such an involved project, that I only took a few, then just forgot.  The pattern is Vogue 7975 which is a Chanel style jacket, and I made it using the Craftsy "The Iconic Tweed Jacket" class.

My main fabric is an ebay purchase, and is a wool boucle.  I can't remember exactly how much it was, but I think it was about £36 for 3 metres, so it was total bargain!  I had looked at the boucles on the Linton Tweeds website (I think I read somewhere that they supply to Chanel), but their fabrics had a lot of polyester in them.  I was concerned that it might fray a bit, and wanted something with a wool content for less fraying to make life easier.  It still frayed all over the place though.  Seriously - I... [read more]