Another post that’s been sitting in the drafts folder, this time due to the SD card reader slot on my laptop being an arse. However, after much fiddling, I was able to get the photos off it and now we’re in business!

Luke and I are currently fostering three 17 week old kittens and their mother, and they are quite shy, having been born in the wild. They are getting more used to us with time, but they still like to spend time in “safe” spots, and I had this idea that a cat cave would be a perfect idea. Somewhere cosy and enclosed, but where they can still see us and we can see them.

Originally, I was just planning on starting with a circle or oval shape and sewing darts into it to make it curve up, more like a basket shape. But then one night when I couldn’t sleep, I had this idea to do something more geometric. Why? I have no idea. But that’s what I decided to do. With Luke’s... [read more]