Today, Becky brings you an in-depth interview with Shannon of With A Rare Device. If you are not part of the communities for which Shannon works so hard as an advocate, we hope you enjoy the chance to listen and learn. If you ARE part of any or all of the communities, we hope you feel seen and valued. Enjoy.

Becky (B): Shannon, you have your hands in a lot of stuff! You have your own blog and Instagram, you’re working in the Curvy Sewing Collective (CSC), you’re published on Cashmerette’s blog, you just launched Sew Queer, you’ve worked with Seamwork/Colette Patterns, you’re working on your PhD in Art History… From my experience, people who have the drive to have their hands in a lot of stuff have a drive from deep down. What is the catalyst for your activism?

Shannon (S): I think the thing they all share is a teacherly drive; I like... [read more]