Call me a basic white girl all you want, I will own it. Except for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, those are gross. Fall is my absolute favorite season. I enjoy summer for its sunshine and lovely greenery, but its heat and humidity can go back to where they came from. I want none of that crap. So, it is with open arms and a big ole smile that I happily welcome fall. I was so ready for fall back in July that I actually took the time to fully plan a 10 piece fall collection for myself. I shared the quick and dirty sketches on Insta with descriptions of each. I then added a couple more garments after sharing that are not pictured. The collection is a little bit of 90s grunge with modern design silhouettes.

I will eventually share some more about coming up with my collection once I get another piece or two completed, but today I am excited to share the first garment. First... [read more]