Cooler weather has found its way to Indiana, much to my chagrin. Give me 85 degrees year round, please! The one good thing about the temperature cooling off is the mix up in clothes. It's fun to pull out last year's items and mix them in with this year's newest sewing projects. My first fall sew was the Oakley Vest, from Love Notions Patterns.

Shirt is blogged here and jeans here

I've always been one of those people who didn't understand the point of vests. Maybe it's my climate, but I never felt like we had the right weather for vests. My body is cold but my arms are not? I didn't get it. I'm not sure what changed, except that I got tired of seeing vests on Pinterest and not having one!

I intended to make a black vest, but while fabric shopping at Jo-Ann's I ran across this grey quilted knit. Obviously, I had to take it home. It only took one yard to make my size (XS). I was... [read more]