No sooner were we back home from Iceland than I was on my way up to Cambridge for my third Sewing Weekender! The first year I was lucky enough to buy a ticket, then last year I gave my “Sewing for Movement” talk as a speaker, but this year I was determined to attend again and set my alarm in order to buy my ticket as soon as they went on sale.

No joke, these tickets were hotter than Glastonbury – we crashed The Fold Line’s site and tickets sold out in like ten minutes despite having doubled capacity this year to 100 places!

The Sewing Weekender is two days of pure sewing bliss – lots of “free sewing” time to chat and gossip and “ooh what pattern is THAT?” with other like-minded people, plus plenty of tea and biscuits, excellent speakers, pub dinners, a legendary swap table, and even unofficial pyjama parties if you’re staying overnight. But with all... [read more]