I had some great sewing plans for this week using two indie patterns for shorts and a top.  They are printed and ready for cutting and taping.  Then Florence has happened and it is anticipated that she is going to pack a wallop. So for two days DH and I have go back and forth with staying or going.  I have heard from several people that they are staying and others not.  Fortunately we made the decision to live close to the coastline, not on it. However, we keep hearing about sea surges.  We know about flooding, the month of July we had only 5 days WITHOUT rain. Still this is huge hurricane.

We have decided twice to stay and twice to go.  What we are hearing and through website views, the highways are jammed pack mostly from people coming through from South Carolina going wherever.  Hotels are booked, roads are jammed and dealing with hysterical drivers are as... [read more]