For the record – I freaking love listening to podcasts. I listen while I sew, walk around London, and before I go to sleep some nights. I mean, my last job was even at a podcast company!

So I was super excited when two new UK sewing podcasts launched recently and even MORE excited when I was asked to join them for a chat! And then out of sheer coincidence, both episodes ended up going live this week so you all have got no excuse for not hearing my funny trans-Atlantic accent all weekend long! 😂

Clear the Decks

Clear the Decks is a podcast all about decluttering your sewing and crafting space. I’ve known Nadia for years since her days working at the V&A, but she’s now a professional organiser and she’s sharing her knowledge and techniques on keeping your space organised and working for you.

I know so many sewing rooms are an absolute maelstrom, but... [read more]