Yes, still not finished off the various things that are part sewn, or finished taking photos for the ones that I HAVE finished.  Disgraceful.  However, as the weather is finally being  a little cooler, with a little more oxygen, I’ve managed to get some cutting out done, even if only in fits and starts.

Now despite my inertia of late, I’ve been pondering, perusing fabrics in my mind’s eye, and matching things together.  I’m not ABSOLUTELY 100% overjoyed with some choices, but I need some stuff for the new job, and I have a green/blue/purple colour scheme in mind.

The unblogged things I’ve made adhere nicely to that, with a heather coloured pair of trousers, a denim coat, and a green T shirt [which the wife has promptly stolen].

SO what have I cut out?  With no further ado, and just in the order I cut them, we have:

Style Arc Jacinta maxi dress in green and... [read more]