Lemons on my shirt and my first National Cheerleader competition. On a recent visit to Chicago, I had the chance to watch my Mini-Me compete in a National Cheerleading Competition.  I am in awe and sad at the same time to see her grow up so fast.  The makeup they use for cheerleading didn't help either.  But, I must admit, she looks amazing!!!  What does Third Place in Nationals look like?
The team was incredibly excited to have won city, state and now have the privilege to participate in the national completion for their level.  The performance was exceptional, with ZERO deductions on their overall performance.  I couldn't believe the things they could do.  My Mini-Me is on the support level, and of course the smaller girls get the top tier.  OMG...the things all these teams can do, especially the older girls.
Cheer squad doing their hardest stunt
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